Foot Care After Running

5 Ways to Care for Your Feet After a Run

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Running is great exercise, but it can have serious impact on the feet. When you run your feet are affected by the kind of surface, the level of the ground, and the type of shoes you are wearing. Therefore, if you are someone who enjoys running, it is import to take care of your feet after your run.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you run for fitness or as an athletic pursuit. Foot care is essential in helping to prevent injury. Immediate aftercare, especially, significantly reduces the risk of injuries flaring up. The absence of visible injuries, pain or inflammation after a run does not necessarily mean your feet aren’t feeling the effects of the run.

Treating Blisters

Normally, it is not recommended that you attempt to drain a blister. The majority of blisters will heal on their own, with the aid of appropriate treatment. Draining the blister will mean needing to ensure that the area is guarded against infection.

caring for blistered feet

First of all, you must ensure that the blister is kept clean at all times. Secondly, to prevent irritation, you should pad the blister. For obvious reasons, it is important that you do not use adhesive bandaging.

If a blister persists, you may need to drain it as a last resort. However, it is important that the area is clean. Only use a sterile needle to puncture the surface of the skin, and make sure to leave the covering skin unharmed. Lastly, cover the blister with a bandage to prevent irritation and infection.

Reduce Foot Temperature

Cooling your feet after a run will help reduce swelling. The muscle fibres stretch when you run, which can cause inflammation and pain. By soaking your feet in ice cold water you can reduce the swelling.

The blood vessels also suffer from the impact of running, so a cold foot soak will help prevent any problems from arising. Iced water is ideal for a post run treatment. By soaking your feet in ice water for ten minutes you can prevent inflammation and pain.

Stretch After Running

Hydrate your Feet

Your feet need to stay well hydrated. Proper foot care, especially after a run, should include a regime of moisturising. Ideally, you should moisturise after a shower. When the feet are still damp, using a moisturising cream will help lock in both the moisturising agents and residual water.

You should also take off your shoes and socks as soon as you get home. Doing so will allow your feet to cool down. Keeping your running shoes on will result in your feet sweating, which will result in further dehydration.

Relax with a Foot Massage

A foot massage is a great way to relax the muscles and tendons in your feet. A gentle massage is better for your feet after a run. You can use ice to aid healing in your foot care massage. A bottle filled with water and then kept in the freezer is a great tool for massaging the feet.

For serious pain or injury, you should consider getting a professional massage. A chiropodist can identify the root cause of the pain. Targeted massage is much better for foot injuries than a general massage.

Seek Treatment for Injuries

Continuing to run with an injury is extremely detrimental to recovery. However, recognizing a serious injury is much more important. If you have been self treating an injury for more than a week, you should seek professional help.

Such injuries are indicative of a serious problem, so you should consult with Step By Step. We have the experience and qualifications in foot care to identify treatable injuries. At Step By Step, we deal with foot injuries from running every day. Call our offices for a consultation on your running injury to find out the treatment options available to you.