6 Reasons Why Custom-fit Braces are the Better Choice

In Services by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Foot and ankle injuries often result in the need for proper support on the joint. While a “one-size-fits-all” ankle brace or foot brace will cost less, it may not effectively fix the problem with the foot and may cause further injury. Here are 6 reasons why custom-fit ankle braces are the better choice.



  1. Effective Support

An ankle brace is meant to provide proper support to the ankle when an individual is suffering from a sprain, a strain, an injury, a fracture, instability, and other foot problems. Not all feet are shaped the same and not all lower leg injuries are the same. A custom-fit ankle brace can provide that extra support unique to your foot shape and injury type. This can make the healing process much faster.


  1. Improved Technology: Modern Light-Weight High-Tech Braces

Nowadays, an ankle brace or foot brace is not heavy, ugly, uncomfortable or difficult to move in like it was in the past. Thanks to technology, modern materials such as plastic polymers or carbon fiber are used in the manufacturing of custom-fit braces and have resulted in a light weight, high tech brace. This means that the brace can do its job without interfering too much in the patient’s life.


  1. Improved Mobility

Custom-fit braces have the added advantage of catering to the patient’s needs. This means that the brace can be fitted with the patient’s injury or condition, and lifestyle in mind. A patient with a well-fitted ankle brace or foot brace enjoys better mobility than they would with an off-the-shelf brace which may be bulky and not provide the necessary support.


  1. Help Reduce Pain and Swelling

An ankle sprain is a very common type of injury, not only with athletes. Even walking in heels can result in an ankle sprain. According to Web MD, an ankle sprain is an injury to one of the ligaments on your ankle. Even though ligaments are flexible, a sudden twist can cause them to over-stretch or snap completely. This can result in extreme pain and swelling. Custom-fit braces can help reduce the pain and swelling. It can also be used in conjunction with an ice pack to reduce swelling and heat therapy to alter pain sensation and increase circulation.


  1. Speed Up Healing Time

Custom-fit braces that are light-weight and high-tech generally speed up the healing process – depending on the type of injury. Due to their ability to provide that extra support where it is needed, patients with custom-fit braces generally tend to heal faster and are able to bear weight on the injured foot or ankle much faster than with one-size-fits-all ankle braces.


  1. Help Prevent Future Injuries

It is often said that prevention is better than a cure. Custom-fit ankle or foot braces are perfect for those who are extremely active – athletes for example – or even those with sensitive ankles or bone and joint problems such as arthritis. An ankle brace or foot brace is an affordable way to prevent injuries and is a much better option than simply taping the ankle or foot. A custom-fit ankle brace or foot brace will mean that it will interfere less in your daily life. For example, an athlete can wear the brace during training without interference.


Custom-fit braces provide extra support and can fit into your daily life with ease. Thanks to modern technology, there are several options for custom-fit braces. There is no need to settle for off-the-shelf ankle braces. Step by Step offers a full range of light-weight, high-tech braces and can show you how a custom-fit ankle or foot brace can help you or a loved one gain that extra support and improved mobility, and help prevent future injuries.