Find a great shoe that is comfortable and will last.

How to choose a great pair of shoes

In Foot Facts, Services by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Find a great pair of shoes that are comfortable and will last.You know good shoes are important for preventing pain in your feet and other areas of your body, such as in your legs, back, and even your neck.

But how do you know you the shoes you’re looking at in the store are a good choice?

Today, we’ll talk about how to choose a great pair of shoes.

What qualities does great pair of shoes have?

A great pair of shoes provides the right balance, support, and cushioning for your feet while walking.  They have a stable sole and sturdy heel counter (the back of the shoe that holds your heel), and enough room in the tips so your toes aren’t being crunched together and there is no pressure on your toenails.

A great pair of shoes is not only built right, it is also made with high quality materials that last.  Natural materials are often better than synthetics because they usually allow your feet to breathe better, letting moisture escape and keeping your feet drier.  Good soles that won’t wear out quickly and look like they’ll provide the right amount of grip on wet or slippery surfaces is also important.

Tips to get the right fit

Of course, it doesn’t matter how well a shoe is made if it doesn’t fit your particular foot well.  Feet come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to take your time when you are trying them on.

Before you head out on your next shoe shopping expedition, we recommend these tips for finding the right fit:

Don’t rely on the number on the size tag

You might have bought shoes in the past that were a size seven, but not all size sevens are created equal.  Is the shoe wide or narrow enough for your foot?  Does the arch support fall in the right place?  Choose a shoe that is shaped like your foot.

Shop at the end of the day

Did you know your feet grow during the day?  It’s true; your feet often swell over the course of the day, so it’s possible that a pair of shoes will fit nicely in the morning but start to cut, rub, or squish your feet as the day wears on.  Always shop for shoes in the late afternoon or evening.

Don’t expect shoes to fit better after they’re “broken in”

Don’t buy a pair of shoes that is too tight in the hopes that they’ll stretch as you break them in.  Shoes should fit comfortably before you leave the store.  While you might need a little time to get used to the feel of a new pair of shoes, your feet shouldn’t feel pinched in the process.

Most of us have one foot that is bigger than the other.  You might not be able to see the difference, but you can often feel the difference when trying on shoes.  Choose shoes that fit comfortably on both feet.

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