Step by Step Footcare helps Diabetics in the Toronto area take care of their feet

Diabetes and foot health – Why you need a Chiropodist

In Conditions, FAQs, Nail Care by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Infections and other skin irritations are common foot problems faced by many people.  Conditions such as athletes foot, toenail fungus that turns the nail yellow or brown, and infections caused by ingrown toenails are just a few examples of these easily treated foot problems that can lead to serious health risks for people with diabetes.  If you have diabetes, your best approach in dealing with any foot infection is to see a professional, such as your chiropodist.  While it may sometimes be possible for a non-diabetic to treat certain minor infections themselves, for someone with diabetes it is vital that they seek professional assessment and treatment of every infection no matter how simple it may seem at first.

Diabetes lowers your ability to circulate blood to your feet, and this reduced blood flow reduces your ability to fight infection and heal properly.  This means that a fungal infection that might normally cause symptoms like itching and burning in otherwise healthy people can lead to serious complications for a diabetic, and can even lead to lower limb amputation.

Don’t let it get that far!  It can be scary to think about things like painful ulceration or amputation, but knowing what can happen and learning about how to prevent it is your best defense against these risks.  If you have diabetes, you can avoid serious complications by inspecting your feet daily for signs of injury or infection.  If you are unable to check them yourself, get someone else to check for you.  If you see any signs of infection or injury, make an appointment with your chiropodist for assessment and treatment.

Step by Step Footcare helps Diabetics in the Toronto area take care of their feet

Your chiropodist can also provide advice for preventing injuries and infections and can recommend a daily foot care routine for you to follow.  It is important to know that a case study published on the Diabetic Foot Canada website has suggested that even when other symptoms and risk factors related to diabetes are well under control, a person is still at higher risk for diabetic foot complications.  It is still important for you to follow a regular foot care and inspection regimen to make sure that any potential complications are noticed and treated.

If you have diabetes, a chiropodist can help you manage the risks and complications of diabetic foot.  They can help you understand the best ways to prevent complications and can help treat any issues that arise before they get out of control.  If you live in or around Toronto, Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care will be happy to partner with you to maintain your foot health; fill out this form or call our office to make an appointment.