what is drop foot?

Drop foot: How Step by Step can help

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what is drop foot?Drop foot, or foot drop, is when you have trouble lifting the front part of your foot.

Drop foot is a symptom of an underlying disease or injury, which has caused weakness or damage to the nerves or muscles in the lower leg.

Causes of drop foot

Drop foot can be caused by injuries to certain nerves, such as the compression of nerves in your leg or a pinched nerve in your spine.

It can also be caused by nerve or muscle disorders such as muscular dystrophy, or polio.

People with diabetes are susceptible to nerve damage and can develop drop foot as a result.

Strokes and other brain and spinal cord disorders such as ALS and multiple sclerosis can also cause drop foot.

Symptoms of drop foot

Because it is difficult or impossible to lift the front of the foot, a patient with drop foot will either drag the foot while walking, or will modify their gait by lifting the foot extra high while walking.

Doing this often causes the foot to slap down on the ground, which can cause other injuries to the foot due to the repetitive excess force.

Drop foot can also impair your balance and can increase your risk of tripping, due to not being able to control your foot properly.

Treatment of drop foot

If you have developed drop foot due to other health complications you are facing, Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care can provide treatment and assistive devices to help correct the way you walk.

Drop foot braces can help you walk without dragging or slapping your foot down, which can help you lead a more active life and avoid further injury or discomfort.

Special orthotics can also help manage and correct the effects of drop foot and make daily activities easier, more enjoyable, and safer.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you manage the effects of drop foot, please call Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care today and book an assessment.