Featured Product: BioTEXT

In Wellness by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

A valuable tool for foot treatment and prevention

Patients we see in our office often come in because of a persistent nail fungus or warts that are both painful and unsightly. While there are over-the-counter treatments available for both problems, many of those treatments are not effective, leading to patients seeking professional help. Our office has been a strong advocate of using products like BioTEXT for years, as we’ve seen first hand how helpful they are for treating warts, which are actually viral infections, and nail fungus.

Stinky feet

Although we may suggest other treatment options as well, our first concern is to eliminate the conditions that allow the formation of warts and the spreading of nail fungus. Most topical products sold may produce some benefits, but we’ve seen far superior results when a product like BioTEXT is included in the treatment regimen. BioTEXT is a hospital-grade hypoallergenic antiseptic, which cannot be said for many of the products typically sold in local drug stores. In fact, it is our contention that some products commonly available may not be truly safe for the treatment of warts or nail fungus.

We like BioTEXT because it is available as a clinical soap, laundry detergent, as wipes and even as a spray. That means clothing and shoes can be treated to reduce the likelihood of spreading the warts or nail fungus. The products are also inexpensive, meaning their use in a home is affordable and effective for treating both warts and nail fungus.

For people sensitive to chemicals, it’s important to note that BioTEXT products do not include phenols, aldehydes, or any surfactants known to disrupt hormones. The products are routinely used in medical facilities to clean treatment tables, plastic surfaces, glass, and wall surfaces. That means our patients are also encouraged to treat any areas at home that have come in contact with their warts or nail fungus. It’s important to prevent any spreading of the viruses or fungus involved, and BioTEXT is certainly an effective option for accomplishing that goal.

biotext-spray-bottleWhile it’s important to treat your clothing, one item that often goes untreated is shoes. We strongly recommend disinfecting your shoes, boots, or other footwear to keep the fungus or virus in check. Doing so will greatly enhance the odds of correcting the issues without their spreading the problem to other body areas.

We also want our patients to know BioTEXT products are produced in Canada. We strongly support the use of locally produced products, especially when they have the track record BioTEXT has. We’ve been using the products in our office since 1997 and strongly recommend our patients take advantage of the quality BioTEXT products offer. Call us or stop by the clinic to learn more, or pick up your BioTEXT products any time.