Warm feet in winter boots

Are Your Feet Ready For Winter?

In Wellness by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

“Dragging your feet” is a phrase that often coincides with not wanting to do something that you should. If you are a sandal-loving summer person, chances are you dislike winter attire, including winter footwear! However, it is vital to your health to keep your feet toasty warm during the cold winter months.


In cold weather conditions, it can be tough keeping your feet warm and dry. If your feet become too cold for too long the result can be detrimental to your health. When the temperature drops, the blood vessels in the feet and other extremities constrict to help minimize heat loss. The lack of blood flow leads to a drop in oxygen levels that could eventually lead to cyanosis. While cyanosis in cold weather is not serious, cold feet can lead to serious conditions if exposed to the cold for long periods of time.


For some, cold feet can be a symptom of a more serious condition, such as diabetics who have peripheral neuropathy. In their case wearing proper winter footwear is vital to the health of the entire body. Keeping your feet warm during the cold winter months is important, yet not always easily achieved. Don’t drag your feet when it comes to wearing proper winter footwear. Read our tips and tricks on how to prepare your feet for winter weather.

Winter Boots

Wearing Winter Appropriate Socks


It may sound silly, but wearing the right type of socks as well as changing them often can have a significant effect on how cold your feet get in the winter. Whether you prefer wool, cotton, fleece or a blend of synthetic material, finding the right type of socks can not only keep your feet warm, but help ward off frostbite. Many retailers offer socks that are designed to keep your feet extra warm during the cold winter season; wool is one of the best materials to keep the warmth in and the cold out.


Another tip to keep in mind is to steer clear of socks that are too tight around the ankles or mid-calves. Socks that are too tight can cut off the blood flow to toes. If you can’t stand wool, layering is another option that you can utilize to keep the feet warm, however too many layers can also inhibit blood flow. If they feel too tight with layers, opt for different fabric blends or specialty socks.


Choosing the Right Winter Footwear


One of the most important elements of keeping your feet warm during the winter is to keep them dry! Choosing the right winter footwear that offer a layer of protection against moisture can provide a barrier against water. There are many different types of winter boots to choose from. If you live in the north where snow and ice is common, knee-high, waterproof boots are a good choice.


Moisture is the quickest way to ensure cold feet! Keeping your feet dry sounds easy enough, but it can sometimes be tough. To help fight moisture issues, find winter footwear that offers a breathable sole that encourages moisture to evaporate quickly. It is also important to dry to your winter weather boots thoroughly before wearing them out into the cold. Purchasing more than one set of winter footwear can help with this, by having the option to alternate boots to allow the other pair to dry. If you struggle to keep your feet warm indoors during the winter season, investing in woolen slippers to wear over your socks can help keep your feet toasty warm.


Dress Appropriately


Much like your feet, dressing the rest of your body appropriately for winter weather can help keep you warm. Wearing a hat outdoors is an excellent way to keep the heat in and the cold out. Additionally, gloves, jackets, and scarves can help make those cold winter days seem a bit more bearable. For added warmth, purchase foot warmers or inserts to place inside your winter boots to ward off the cold weather blues.


Staying active throughout the winter months is also important. Exercising will keep the blood flowing through your legs and feet, offering a natural way to keep the feet warm. Staying hydrated and drinking enough water during the cold winter months also helps provide proper blood flow to the extremities.


Whether you love the winter weather or loathe cold, keeping your feet warm and dry is important. Frostbite and other cold weather symptoms can quickly turn your winter season into a constant struggle. By keeping your feet warm, wearing proper winter footwear and attire, you can get your feet (and everything else) ready for the winter season. Call or stop by Step by Step Professional Family Footwear today to learn how we can help keep your feet cozy this winter.