fight foot and toenail infections with beautiful anti-fungal nail polish.

Foot care products for foot and toenail infections

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We’ve talked about some common infections of the feet and toenails and some ways our foot clinic can help.

In our post called Easy, painless treatment for fungal nails, we talked about the unpleasant effects of nail fungus and introduced the Cutera GenesisPlus laser treatment system.

In our post about Skin care for your feet, we explained what corns, callouses, and plantar warts are and gave some tips about how to avoid being infected by the virus that causes warts.

And in our Common sports injuries to the foot post, we talked about athlete’s foot and how this infection is spread.

Today, we will talk about some of the specific products we carry that will help you heal foot and toenail infections at home.

Heal foot and toenail infections at home


Prevent the spread of foot and toenail infections at home with clinical strength disinfectant.BioTEXT is a clinical-strength disinfectant that you can use to treat your socks, shoes, bath surfaces, and other places your feet come into contact with regularly.  It is helpful when you are fighting a fungal infection such as athlete’s foot, warts, or fungal nails.  By disinfecting the things your feet have touched and will touch again, you can stop the spread of the bacterial, fungi, and viruses that cause these foot and toenail infections.

Gordofilm Wart Remover

Gordofilm has special formulas for removing common and plantar warts, and for removing corns and callouses.  It breaks down the tough outer layer of skin.  It hardens over the wart to keep the medication from being washed or rubbed away.

Tineacide Solution

Tineacide Solution is an anti-fungal treatment for nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and other fungal infections.  It kills the infection while also relieving the itching, burning, and scaling caused by athlete’s foot.

Dead Sea Salt with Essential Oils

Heal foot and toenail infections with Dead Sea salt and essential oils.This product is specially formulated for Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care.  Give yourself a soothing foot bath at home by adding it to warm water.

The salts are blended with anti-septic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal essential oils to help heal many foot and toenail infections.  The essential oils can also help boost your immune system and encourage the removal of excess fluids.

In addition to the healing properties of the salts and essential oils, the process of soaking your feet exfoliates dry skin and leaves your feet smooth and soft.

Anti-fungal Nail Polish

fight foot and toenail infections with beautiful anti-fungal nail polish.This unique product contains tea tree oil, which has been shown to kill many types of fungus and bacteria.  This nail polish provides a natural anti-septic AND a beautiful glossy finish for your nails.

Foot Fresh

Foot Fresh herbal deodorant cream is made with all natural ingredients and contains no aluminum or alcohol.  It helps cure even severe foot odour by killing bacteria and fungus.  Foot Fresh is made in Saskatchewan by L.L.D General Care Products Inc. and is endorsed by the Saskatchewan Association of Chiropodists.

For a complete list of products we offer, visit the Step by Step foot care products page under the Services tab on our website.