Orthopedic insoles

Foot drop – do you need bracing?

In Conditions by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Is foot drop a problem you face in your everyday life? It is a gait abnormality experienced by all kinds of people resulting from muscle weakness or nerve damage, and if left unattended can be a real impediment to getting through life. The good news is there are many new 21st century solutions coming to the forefront in podiatry that allow people with all sorts of gait abnormalities to lead more productive, more fulfilling lives. And the truth is, new technology is being developed to treat a wide variety of different conditions. It’s an exciting time to be working in the medical community.

Orthopedic insoles

A new kind of brace

New smart bracing technology allows people suffering from gait abnormalities and other conditions to go about their lives normally, in a way never before possible. It’s a technology that has only come to Canada in the past few years and Step by Step Foot Care are the only ones in the downtown area of Toronto offering it. It enhances biomechanics to make your body faster, stronger, and more efficient which increases stability and fall prevention.

A perfect fit

These new braces are very discreet, lightweight, and not bulky, meaning you can incorporate them into your everyday routine without drawing unwanted attention. For many people, it is the first chance to experience regular full-body motion. Each brace has a precise fit that allows for specific results. A customized fit for each and every foot means individual problems are targeted and treated, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Treating a wide variety of problems

The reason for maximizing customization is the reality that there are just so many diseases and conditions out there that are seeking attention. Cerebral Palsy, MS, as well as more common car accidents, sports injuries, strokes, and tears in the Achilles tendon. Because these new high-tech braces are perfectly calibrated to the individual’s needs, it is possible to cover all of these problems, providing solutions that couldn’t have been imagined 10 years ago.

Staying active

The whole idea is to keep you on your feet and active as much as possible. The worst thing for your muscles is to leave them neglected. Regular exercise is of the utmost importance, but when afflicted by muscular or nerve conditions that affect physical mobility, it can often be difficult to find ways to create a healthy lifestyle. But now even the more serious conditions can be tackled head-on and people can get on the road to the life they have always dreamed of. Of course, it takes commitment to get yourself on your own two feet, but now there is one less major obstacle standing in your way. Call us today at 416-214-4697 or book an appointment online to let Step By Step be your partner in improving your health.