Foot exercises to maintain and improve your foot health

In Conditions, Foot Facts, Wellness by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Did you know there are foot exercises you can do to relieve tired, achy feet?  Today I’d like to share some simple things you can do to help improve your foot flexibility, relieve cramping and pain, and strengthen your feet.  These activities can be done virtually anywhere, can be done by anyone regardless of age or fitness level, and won’t cost you any money or more than a few minutes of time.  A little proactive maintenance can go a long way to improving the way your feet feel.

First, let’s look at a few simple exercises you can do specifically to keep your feet flexible and to relieve foot cramping and pain.

Foot exercises

Foot exercises: Toe raise, toe point, toe curl

You can do these exercises sitting or standing.  If your balance isn’t great, make sure you can support yourself safely with something if you do these exercises while standing.  These exercises can help relieve toe cramping and people with hammertoes.

Start with your feet flat on the floor.  Lift one heel off the floor while keeping your toes flat, gently flexing your toes.  Hold this position for five seconds, before lifting your foot higher so the toes lift and point straight down to the floor.  Hold again for five seconds, then curl your toes as though trying to point them towards your heel.  Hold again for five seconds.  Put your foot flat on the ground again, and repeat the exercise 10 times with each foot.

Foot massage

Roll a golf ball under the ball of your foot for two minutes.  Repeat with your other foot.  Aside from being a nice massage to relieve tired, achy feet, it can help people with plantar fasciitis, pain in the arches, or foot cramps.

Proper nutrition can help

Keeping your bones strong is also important to your foot health.  Your feet are made up of many small, intricate bone structures.  Good bone health can help your feet stay strong, resist injury, and be more resilient when injuries do happen.  It is important to get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet to help support and maintain bone mass.

These foot exercises can help alleviate some of the symptoms of overworked or painful feet, but in order to address the underlying causes you should make an appointment with a chiropodist.  At Step by Step Family Foot Care, we can assess the condition of your feet, make recommendations about proper foot wear, and design a treatment and maintenance plan that will help your feet feel their best. Find more information about foot care, our services, and how we can help on our website or by giving us a call.