Compression Socks

Getting the Boost You Need From Compression Socks

In Wellness by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

You would be surprised at how many uses there are for compression stockings. Commonly, they are used by people with blood flow problems to gently squeeze the legs and promote circulatory health. But did you know that compression stockings or footless compression socks are the perfect accessory for the diehard athlete? It’s true, and they offer tons of benefits!

Compression Socks

Reduce swelling

Whether you’re running that extra mile, or just trying to finish your shift at work, spending all day on your feet can be a real killer. Increasing blood flow means reducing swelling and better overall health for your legs and feet. Athletes’ legs often have it the toughest, and so investing in a bit of extra support can be a total game changer.

Impact reducing

One of the ways compression socks work is by squeezing your muscles enough to keep them firm during standing, walking, or running. One small benefit that can seriously add up is a decrease in the small shaking that occurs as your feet hit the ground. It’s called impact vibration, and it is a runner’s worse nightmare, slowly sapping extra energy that could be used more productively. By reducing impact vibration, compression socks increase endurance and allow you to perform at your best.

Blood circulation

For aerobic exercise, the name of the game is proper oxygenation. Correct breathing is a big part of this, but ultimately it comes down to cardiovascular health and blood flow. While your heart itself will improve over time as you exercise more and more, your blood vessels themselves can be optimized with compression socks. They help blood circulation within your lower extremities increasing overall circulation, meaning more oxygen will be delivered to those hungry muscle cells!


On a basic level, compression stockings can protect from scrapes, if you’re the type that likes to spend time on the trail. Small shrubs and twigs can quickly become a nuisance and longer, more durable compression socks and stockings can be just the thing to keep you covered. The added benefit is that they will also protect from things like dirt and bug bites! Perfect for cold morning jogs, they also keep your lower leg insulated, allowing you to weather all sorts of conditions.

Measure for proper sizing

To get the most out of your compression wear, make sure you are getting properly-sized compression socks. Socks that are too tight can actually constrict blood flow and worsen your problems while socks that are too loose will just keep constantly sliding down your leg and fail to offer any benefit at all. Finding the right size for you is the only way to make sure that you get the full effect, and to put the extra step into your workout. Step By Step has trained fitters who can help you find your perfect compression socks for your body type and activities.