Getting your money’s worth: the foot clinic or a retail chain?

In Services by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Most people who are searching for new footwear don’t think to take their business beyond the typical retail chain. Such shoe stores are familiar and in many cases can offer a range of options that are perfect for the average shopper. But, for individuals who are in need of special footwear, or just for those who are looking to broaden their horizons a bit, there is a whole world of clinic-provided shoes at their disposal. While these options aren’t immediately apparent to most people, gaining a little knowledge about them can mean a big difference for their health.

What are the specific benefits a foot clinic can offer? While not necessary in every case, the additional professional help can definitely be the right solution if you are looking for treatment for a specific condition, or when ensuring proper fitting. If you’re wondering when a trip to your chiropodist is in your best interest, consider the following points:

Choosing Shoes

Expert fitting

We’ve all had the experience of spending an hour or more at the shoe store trying to find the perfect fit. Trial and error can be slow going, and even if you have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for, it’s easy to end up with a shoe that isn’t perfectly suited to your foot. It’s the reason why we have chiropodists and foot clinics, since it takes an expert eye and a wealth of knowledge to consistently get good results. At a certified foot clinic, you’ll have a real doctor at your disposal to help you make the perfect choice.

Improperly fitted shoes can cause all sorts of problems like blisters and rashes. It’s not to say that most trips to your local retail chain will result in such problems, and frequently getting the right fit can come from your own patience and experience. For fitting purposes, your chiropodist can be a reliable option for those who are having a difficult time finding comfortable shoes, or who want a professional opinion on how to best fit their feet.

Correct support

Often, individuals can experiences problems that would seem at first glance to have nothing to do with feet, but in fact stem from their choice of footwear. Issues as diverse as lower back pain, incorrect posture, and difficulty balancing can point back to a variety of foot conditions, or to improper selection of footwear. So, aside from being properly fitted, shoes need to offer the right support, and the best way to achieve this is to consult a trained chiropodist. Whether the correct support comes from the shoes themselves, specialty inserts, or braces, a doctor will be able to recommend the correct choice.

The right solution

The time when it is most crucial to get your new shoes from a clinic is when you are working to correct a specific foot or gait-related condition. In these cases, the direct supervision of your chiropodist is essential to make sure you get the right footwear. Flat feet are one of the more common problems seen today. If left untreated, this condition can lead to ankle and knee problems. Many of the necessary footwear options just can’t be found in the usual retail store, and this is when a foot clinic becomes the best option.

If you’re an athlete, the likelihood and impact of potential foot problems goes up, as you are subjecting yourself to a greater degree of physical activity. Getting attention from a trained professional becomes a top priority in this case, to keep yourself in top physical condition and to reduce the threat of serious physical injury.