Avoid corns and calluses

How to avoid corns and calluses

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Corns and calluses are a thickening of the skin caused by abnormal pressure or friction against the skin.Avoid corns and calluses

What causes corns and calluses?

Often, the culprit is as simple as a poor choice in footwear.

Shoes that fit poorly are one major cause of corns and calluses.  When they are too tight, they put undue pressure on parts of our feet.  When they are too loose, they cause friction between our shoe and our feet.

High heels are another cause of corns and calluses.  They put pressure on the feet and toes, and at the same time can slip or rub against the back of the heel.

Another common cause is wearing shoes that are in disrepair.  If the insides of our shoes are ripped, they might rub against our skin in places.  If the soles are wearing out, they might put our feet under extra pressure because the cushioning is deteriorating.

Choosing a comfortable pair of shoes and replacing them when they start to wear out are easy ways to avoid corns and calluses.

How other foot conditions can cause corns and calluses

Corns and calluses can also be caused by other foot conditions.

A hammertoe, bunion, or other foot abnormality can cause you to walk differently and put added pressure on certain areas of your feet, or can cause friction against your shoes.

Problems with your gait (the way you walk) can also lead to corns and calluses due to added pressure on certain parts of your feet.

When to seek treatment for corns and calluses

As soon as you see signs of a callus or the beginnings of a corn, make an appointment with your chiropodist.

Never try to cut or shave corns or calluses away; you will probably irritate the area and you may develop a serious infection.  A chiropodist can safely perform this procedure for you.

If you do notice signs of infection, seek medical attention immediately.

If you have fragile skin, poor circulation in your feet, diabetes, or any other condition that prevents you from healing normally, you should consult your chiropodist immediately for treatment.  When you have these kinds of health complications, any damage to the skin can quickly become much more serious than a patch of hard, dry skin.

If you frequently suffer from corns and calluses, consult a chiropodist.  There is likely some underlying bio-mechanical or structural cause which might be corrected with the help of orthotics or some other treatment.

And of course, if you suspect your shoes are causing your corns and calluses, you can always visit Step by Step’s Shoe Boutique and find a great pair of comfortable, supportive, yet fashionable shoes that will help keep your feet looking and feeling great!