Keeping Your Low-Intensity Workout Fun and Stimulating

In Wellness by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Are you a senior who’s looking for a good way to fit in regular exercise without putting too much strain on your body? Maybe you are suffering from neuropathy and need to find a physical activity that won’t put too much strain on your lower extremities? In either of these cases, there are a number of low-intensity workouts that are proven to be effective and will leave you feeling great.

Healthy seniors through proper exercise

Exercise with a healthy lifestyle is a wise choice

Water exercising

Water aerobics, water gymnastics, or water weight training, are fun and refreshing alternatives to more common forms of exercise. What makes them unique is how the water pressure supports muscles while also strengthening them. By burning calories in the pool, you work out more of your key muscle groups at once, developing core strength and lowering the impact on joints and nerves. There are many water exercise classes offered at public pools, or you could also develop your own routine.

Outdoor games

There are lots of games that let you have fun without having you panting for breath. If you are concerned about putting too much strain on your body you could try a few low-intensity sports and games to keep you active. Badminton, bocce ball, or horseshoes can be a fun way to incorporate activity into your routine. Golf is a popular choice as it incorporates a walking regimen into the necessary physical ability and hand-eye coordination. Chances are, you probably already have some of your favourite games in mind, so why not give them a try?

A lifestyle choice

Often, regular exercise can be incorporated into the activities you already love. Group outings like trips to the mall, nature hikes and art and craft fairs are a great way to get in some much needed walking while limiting strain. Exercise doesn’t always have to be about putting your nose to the grindstone, many times it can be about choosing activities that are good for you. Finding times where you can walk or bike to your daily errands rather than driving are opportunities that should not be missed. An excellent piece of advice for people who aren’t eager to hit the gym is to simply incorporate body-friendly tasks throughout your day.

No matter what you do, there are a few important tips to keep in mind before you begin your new exercise regime. Make sure that your level of exertion is at a place you are comfortable with. If you’re not sure how much you can take, the best strategy is to work your way up slowly and avoid over exerting yourself. Stay hydrated, since your body functions at its best when it is properly fuelled and lubricated. And of course, make sure you have proper fitting shoes and/or sandals, and consider the use of properly fitted compression socks to help with circulation in your legs and feet. Finally, have fun! Keeping fit will be that much easier if you look forward to your workout every day.

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