Knee pain

Knee pain: how a chiropodist can help

In Conditions, Wellness by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Knee pain

If you are experiencing hip, back, or knee pain, it might be because you have a weakened foundation.

We say that your feet are your foundation.  That’s because your feet literally carry you through your day.  They bear your body weight with each step you take, and can take a beating when you’re trying to stay active.

Flat feet, high arches, or feet that roll or point too far inwards or outwards might be causing mis-alignment in other areas of your body which can lead to pain or aggravate other existing conditions.

One example is patellar femoral syndrome.  The pain is felt in the front of your knee.

Your patella (also known as your kneecap) glides within a groove in the distal femur (one of the large bones in your thigh, which ends just behind your kneecap).  When your leg doesn’t line up properly, it can cause the patella to get a little off track and start to wear on the surfaces of your bones.

How we can help with knee pain

Sometimes knee pain is caused by an injury or the start of a new activity, and can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, along with strengthening your knee area with exercises to adapt to the new activity.

However, when you have chronic knee pain, which other treatments haven’t cured, make an appointment with your chiropodist.  A chiropodist can assess whether or not you have an alignment issue stemming from your feet.

If there is a problem with your feet that are causing your knee pain, a chiropodist can prescribe orthotics to help correct the problem.

At Step by Step Family Foot Care, depending on your assessment, we can prescribe orthotics, or can help you pick out better shoes for your feet. 

At our Shoe Boutique, we carry a wide selection of foot-friendly and fashionable high-quality shoes that provide the right support and balance for a variety of foot shapes.  Our shoes can also accommodate orthotic inserts if it is determined that you would benefit from them.

If you have chronic knee pain, call Step by Step today to book an assessment and see if we can help you find relief!