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Look And Feel Great with Sigvaris Compression Leggings

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In case you missed it, leggings are back in a big way as a fashion trend! For some, this might be surprising, but for many people this is sure to be good news as the leggings-as-pants fad has been a guilty pleasure for several years.

Whether you are considering expanding your wardrobe to include leggings for the first time (or first time since the 80s!), or you’ve been enjoying their casual comfort for some time, we have some more good news for you.

Sigvaris, known for their top-notch compression socks, has introduced their new Soft Silhouette leggings. These beauties combine the comfort and style of leggings with patented Sigvaris compression technology to bring a significant health benefit – so you can look great and feel great!

Compression socks and leggings benefit your legs and feet by increasing circulation, preventing swelling, and reducing fatigue. Whether you are a diabetic with concerns about circulation in your feet and toes, or have an active lifestyle that keeps you on your feet all day, these leggings will improve your quality of life.

Some highlights:

  • Sigvaris used an advanced soft-stretch microfibre material that helps to shape your legs and smooth skin
  • These leggings go great with dresses, blouses, shirts, or tunics
  • The delicate ribbed design upgrades the style
  • Enjoy all-day comfort with a stretch waistband and seamless look

Step By Step has Sigvaris Soft Silhouette leggings in stock in our Toronto clinic now, in a range of sizes. Come by and visit us today to get yours, while supplies last.