National Nursing Week

National Nursing Week at Step by Step

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National Nursing WeekThis week, Canada celebrates National Nursing Week. This week coincides with International Nurses Day, which is celebrated on May 12, on Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

National Nursing Week is a chance for all of us to reflect on the vital services nurses provide.

Step by Step Celebrates National Nursing Week

Here at Step by Step, we’re participating in National Nursing Week by hosting our Healthy Leg Days events on May 13 and May 15.

Nurses spend long hours on their feet and have few opportunities to take a break from standing and walking.

During Healthy Leg Days, we will have some light refreshments and games with prizes. We will also be promoting the benefits of compression socks, especially for nurses. Representatives from the top brands will be on site to share information, and Hanifa, our very own compression stocking custom fitter will be fitting people for the perfect pair.

Foot saving tips for National Nursing Week and beyond

In honour of overworked feet everywhere, we have some basic, easy to follow tips for treating your feet right and keeping them healthy.

Wear good shoes

We’ve talked about the importance of choosing the right shoes before, particularly in our posts “How to choose a great pair of shoes” and “Fall footwear choices for healthy feet”.

For nurses, proper footwear must include a couple of additional features. Comfort, support, and fit are important as always. However, nurses are regularly exposed to working conditions that many of us aren’t, and must keep these in mind when choosing proper shoes for work.

Make sure your outer soles are slip-proof, and resistant chemicals and acids. You should also choose materials that can be easily cleaned if you get blood or other fluids on them. Slip-on shoes without laces are a good choice as they avoid laces that can catch on stools, gurneys, and IV poles. If you choose clog styles, choose a pair with a back strap that keeps them safely in place.

Consider orthotics

Orthotics offer better heel support and shock absorption than the insoles your shoes typically come with. They also reduce friction and can be customized to support or cushion any foot abnormalities you may have, such as flat feet.

Choose the right socks

The right socks can help cushion your feet, provide warmth and protection, and absorb moisture from the skin. Choosing a wool blend or a synthetic that is designed to wick moisture away from your feet are the best choices.

Compression socks or stockings promote circulation and can relieve aches and swelling. They also help prevent varicose veins. If you already have this condition, support or compression stockings will slow down the progression.

Visit your Chiropodist

If you have chronic foot problems such as pain or infections of the nails or skin, consult a chiropodist. And remember that a preventative visit to your chiropodist once or twice a year can help problems from developing in the first place.

For more tips on how to pamper your overworked feet, please visit the Step by Step website. If you think it’s about time you had your feet assessed, please call to book your appointment today.

We hope that yo come out and join us for our Healthy Leg Days event in celebration of National Nursing Week. And to all the nurses out there, thank you for the contributions you make every day to our health and well-being!