Orthotics for fashionable footwear

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Today we’ve decided to share a video from CTV Toronto that talks about orthotics.

Video review:

Lifetime: The burden of fashionable footwear (Click the link to watch video).

Orthotics can be customized to fit many kinds of “regular” shoes on the market.  The patient’s foot shape is a factor, and a little extra depth and width in the shoe is a bonus.  Step by Step Family Foot Care offers a wide selection of fashionable orthpedic shoes that provide the extra room to accommodate our custom orthotics.

When we examine you to assess your need for orthotics, we will do a range of motion assessment.   We’ll ask you to stand on the floor with your arms relaxed at your sides.  This helps us to see what your natural static balance is like.

We’ll also ask you to walk across the floor barefoot and at your typical walking speed.  The floor is a hard, stable surface and lets us see your natural gait.  It also lets us see any imbalances or abnormalities in your walk.  We’ll explain any issues we discover in the assessment, how they affect you, and how they can be addressed.

Photo of a customized orthotic shoe insert

A note about orthotics and insurance coverage

It is important to know that the cost of the shoes may not be covered by insurance because if the shoes themselves are not classified as orthopedic.  It is often the orthotic inserts that may qualify for insurance coverage, depending on your plan.

When investing in orthotics, please make sure the person creating them for you has proper credentials, such as a certified chiropodist/podiatrist.  A chiropodist knows how to properly assess your feet, posture, and gait in order to make sure your orthotics are a perfect fit for your needs, and their credentials may impact whether or not your orthotics qualify for insurance coverage.

Orthotics can make a huge difference in your comfort and might drastically reduce pain.  If you think orthotics can help you, come see us at Step by Step Family Foot Care for a consultation from your trusted, professional foot specialists.