Preventative maintenance for your feet

In Conditions, Foot Facts, Wellness by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

Preventative maintenance for your feetPreventative maintenance is a key to optimal wellness.  Why wait until there is a problem?  Be proactive and prevent issues from occurring in the first place!

There are a variety of health professionals at our disposal when we need help with a health issue.  If we have a toothache, we call our dentist.  If we are feeling ill, we see our doctor.  When we have trouble reading street signs, we know it’s time to make an eye appointment.

But most of us also visit these health professionals on a regular basis just for a check-up.  We have a yearly physical, a dental cleaning a couple times a year, and an eye exam every couple of years to look for any signs of potential problems we might not be noticing yet.

This kind of preventative maintenance is what helps small problems from becoming big problems.  With regular maintenance visits to our health professionals, we can catch and treat symptoms of illness and deficiency when it’s more manageable, and perhaps simpler or likely to be the most successful.

It’s no different with your feet.  By taking steps to assess the condition of your feet before you notice problems, you can avoid them altogether and perhaps save yourself from developing a lasting or harder to treat issue.

Preventative maintenance helps avoid larger issues

For example, if you notice your feet get tired quickly when walking, you might be rolling to one side as you step, or your arches might need more support.  If you ignore it, you could be allowing your uneven step to throw other parts of your body out of alignment as well.  The problem that starts in your feet might also create problems in your calves, knees, hips, spine, and neck, and lead to chronic pain and perhaps more invasive treatments.

If you take the preventative measure of having your feet assessed early, you might discover that wearing a simple orthotic insert in your shoes will correct the problem in your feet before it spreads to the rest of your body.

Now is a great time of year to address any issues you are not happy with about your feet, whether it’s aches or pain when you are active, a toenail or skin infection, or just the typical dry, cracked skin from a winter’s worth of neglect and abuse. 

Whatever your concerns are with your feet, let us help!  Book an appointment at Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care now and get your feet ready for Spring!