avoid shin splints

Shin splints: causes, treatment, and prevention

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avoid shin splintsIf you have a throbbing ache in your shins after running or other physical activity, you might have shin splints.

Shin splints can be caused by swollen irritated muscles, stress fractures, flat feet and other problems with your foot structure, or weakness in the hips or core muscles.

If you have chronic pain in your shins, make an appointment with a chiropodist.  Chronic shin splints can be caused by problems with the structure of your feet or with you gait.

Problems with your foot’s structure and your gait are often closely related, and both can put additional stress and wear and tear on your legs as you walk, run, or participate in other physical activities or exercise.

The additional stress can cause the muscles to become swollen and irritated, and can even cause stress fractures in the bones.

Treatment of shin splints

Consult a chiropodist.  We can assess your feet and your gait and can prescribe orthotics if necessary.  We can also recommend what kind of footwear you should be looking for according to the activities you like to participate in.  We will also show you what you should be doing at home to help the healing process.

Preventing shin splints

As we say again and again, wearing the right shoes for the activity you are doing is the first step to avoiding many injuries.  In order to help avoid shin splints, your shoes should provide appropriate cushioning to help absorb impact and the right arch support to help keep your foot stable and secure.

Additional support might be needed.  At Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care, we can prescribe custom orthotic inserts and can also help you choose a new pair of foot-friendly and fashionable shoes right out of our very own Shoe Boutique.

If you are suffering from pain in your shins, don’t suffer alone! Call Step by Step today for an assessment and let us help you heal and to prevent future pain.