Supporting the Good Shepherd Centre

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The Good Shepherd Centre is a place where homeless people can go when they need help. The center is more than just a homeless shelter and works to provide those without homes with the resources they need to get out of a bad situation.


Valuing The Homeless

According to National Alliance to End Homelessness, 8.6 percent of homeless people are veterans. The number is rising, but it’s not just veterans who are valuable homeless people. We believe all people are valuable, and it’s important to recognize that even the people who do not have a place to live are worth more than the sum of their circumstances. Good Shepherd works to help make others aware of the value of people while working to help them.

Overnight Shelter, Food, Clothing

One of the biggest issues that homeless people face is the need for overnight shelter. Especially in winter months, safe and healthy accommodation is hard to find. The Good Shepherd Centre allows the homeless of Toronto to stay overnight in safety. They work to provide a comfortable and loving environment, and give the them a healthy meal. Clothing donations are a significant blessing as well.

Resettlement, DARE, Medical

Many shelters focus on getting people the immediate care and help that they need, but are unable to focus on long-term help for them. Good Shepherd works with the homeless as well as agencies throughout the community to establish a long-term plan for their clients. This includes everything from the medical care they need to help with drugs and alcohol. The centre is also able to work with the community to help resettle homeless people into permanent homes and other living arrangements. All of these efforts combined help to bring the homeless off of the streets.

A Favourite Step by Step Charity

Global Impact, an organization that is based on helping people better understand how charities work recognizes that some of the best charities are local ones. This means that the most effective charities are the ones that are right in your own community. Step by Step knows this, and for that reason Good Shepherd is one of our favourite organizations. They work in combination with other community businesses as well as agencies to ensure that the people of the homeless population are able to get the help they need.


Annual Donation of Stacks of Socks

Warm socks are one of the most needed items, and Opposing Views talks about that in their article on the best items of clothing to donate. Each year, Step by Step works with Good Shepherd to donate clean, high quality socks to homeless people in the community. This allows them to have socks that are comfortable and warm, reducing illness and increasing comfort, because the socks help maintain core body temperatures.

Good Shepherd has worked endlessly to help support and uplift Toronto. Step by Step is a proud partner of Good Shepherd and highly commend them as an organization worthy of your support.