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Walkin’ in the Rain

In Wellness by Alnoor Ladhani, Chiropodist

The thought of walking in the rain evokes many diverse feelings for different people. Some people love walking in the rain and, in fact, find it therapeutic. However, others simply hate getting wet and would rather stay indoors until the skies clear up. Regardless of how you feel about rain, walking is good for both your mental and physical health, especially healthy feet. If rain is disrupting your regular walk, you are missing out on one of the most basic and beneficial types of exercise you can undertake. So, rather than avoid walking in the rain, it is better to address the issues that are keeping you at home.

rainy day motion blur

Fear of Getting Wet

The most obvious reason for not wanting to walk in the rain is the fear of getting wet. When clothes get so wet that rain begins soaking through, certain fabrics stick to the skin making the wearer feel cold and uncomfortable. Clothes can also get heavy and cumbersome, making walking difficult. It is understandable, then, why some people would rather put off going for a walk when it is raining outside. However, with some minimal preparation you can still enjoy a walk in the rain, without worrying about getting completely soaked.

Protecting Your Feet

The risk of adverse effects from getting your feet wet during a walk is very low. So long as you dry your feet after your walk you shouldn’t experience any issues. However, prevention is always the best cure. Protected feed are healthy feet, even when you are walking in the rain. Waterproof shoes, for instance, are suitable for walking in most wet conditions. When purchasing waterproof shoes, it is import to ensure that they effective. If the shoe keeps the rain out but also keeps sweat in, your feet will still end up wet. A great innovation in shoe design, Gore-Tex lining, prevents rain from soaking your feet while allowing sweat to escape.

Bring an Umbrella

When you go walking in the rain, bringing an umbrella along will help keep you dry. So long as the rain is light to moderate and there is minimal wind, an umbrella should provide you with enough shelter from the elements. A large umbrella acts like a canopy so you can enjoy walking in the rain without the fear of getting drenched. If it is extremely windy, however, an umbrella is not the most effective method of keeping out the rain. You will likely spend more time fighting to keep the umbrella from turning inside-out-that than it does keeping you dry.

Waterproof Clothes

Waterproof shoes are only fully effective so long as water is prevented from pooling around the legs or ankles. When rain begins to soak through clothes, it will build up until your clothing is unable to hold the excess weight. Water will begin running down your body and will eventually find its way into your shoes. A waterproof coat and pants which go over your shoes will keep you completely dry in most rainy conditions. If the rain is heavy enough to soak through your waterproof clothes and shoes, you are probably out in a major storm.

Only an experienced chiropodist can prescribe the correct treatments or medication for your feet. If you are experiencing any issues with your feet, reach out to Step by Step. We can get to the root cause of the problem and provide treatments to remedy any issue that is causing you pain or discomfort. Keep walking, even when it rains; but remember, dry feet are healthy feet.