Prevent turf toe

What is turf toe?

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Prevent turf toeTurf toe is basically a sprain to the joint in your big toe.

Also called Hallux Rigidus, turf toe gets it’s common name because it is a fairly common sports injury that can happen out on the playing field.

Similar to an ankle sprain, turf toe is caused by bending the joint too far, by jamming the toe, or by forcefully pushing off from the toe.

It is often associated with athletes who play on artificial turf, such as football players, but also commonly affects basketball and soccer players, wrestlers, gymnasts, and dancers.

The symptoms of turf toe include swelling, pain, and stiffness in the joint.  This kind of injury makes it difficult and very painful to move your toe.  Along with making it very uncomfortable to walk, left untreated it can heal poorly and result in chronic pain.

If you have injured your toe, make an appointment with your chiropodist.  They will assess your injury to make sure you haven’t in fact fractured it.

At Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care, we can treat turf toe with shockwave or laser pulse. and we will make sure you know what you should be doing at home to help the healing process.

Preventing turf toe

Wearing shoes that are too flexible can lead to turf toe because they don’t provide enough support to keep the toe from bending too much.  Orthotic shoe inserts can also help correct problems with your gait which can contribute to turf toe injuries and can provide that extra support you need.

If you suspect you have turf toe, don’t suffer through it and hope that it heals properly.  Come see us at Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care and let us help you heal properly and get back to the healthy activities you love!  Call to make an appointment today.