What's New in July

What’s New For July At Step By Step

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As we celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday we look back at all of the changes that have occurred over the years, more buildings being built, more cars on the road and significant increases in population. Our bodies also go through change such as increased workload, rising stress levels and various activity participation from year to year.

The human body is a complex system and it requires special attention to change. To stay healthy people need to make regular physical activity a part of daily life. Over the years we have seen an increased amount of patients with athletic injuries. Those who were more athletic in the past may not have the same participation level today.

To avoid such injuries from happening and to keep patients healthy, slow and gradual physical activity is recommended. We at Step by Step are able to help by doing a full range of motion biomechanical examinations and by advising the patient on their activities. When our Chiropodist creates a personal management plan for the patient we strive to ensure enhanced athletic performance, improved health and all together a more complete lifestyle. Our protocols will allow for more people to achieve their fitness goals while avoiding unnecessary injury.

We look forward to building a healthy relationship with you!

July Footwear Sale

Shoes, boots, sandals – we have some of every kind of footwear on sale at special prices. Some at $150, others and $150 for two (including tax!). Check out the video above, Hanifa has the details for you.

New Infographic

Walking aids infographic

Earlier this week we published an in-depth guide on how to properly size and use walking aids like canes, crutches, and walkers. We’ve now added a lengthy infographic to the guide – we hope that you or someone you know may find it useful!

Referral Winner

Referral Winner

Congratulations to Greg P, our referral winner for June. Thank you to Jim & Justin of Simcan Comfort Socks for donating this month’s prize.