Foot care and toenail care for nail infections

Winter foot care and toenail care

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Foot care and toenail careJust because it’s the season for socks, stockings, and closed toed shoes doesn’t mean you should ignore your feet and toenails!  Be nice to your feet and get them ready for Spring with a few simple treatments and habits to create a Winter foot care and toenail care routine.

No matter what time of year it is, feet deserve some pampering, and they definitely need it to keep them looking and feeling great.  There’s nothing worse than the feeling of dry, cracking, itchy skin.  If you have issues with ingrown toenails, you know the pain involved with not paying attention to proper nail care.  And if you develop a fungal nail infection, it’s always best to start treating it as soon as you notice a problem.

So, without further delay, here are some simple things you can do now to make sure that your feet stay soft and healthy during the winter months.

Top tips for winter foot and toenail care

  1. Keep your feet warm and dry

It’s important to keep your feet warm and dry during the cold weather.  Aside from being unpleasant, allowing your feet to get cold and wet can cause serious foot injuries such as chilblain and trench foot.

People with diabetes should be especially careful as they are more susceptible to foot injuries and they may not feel the cold or damp as much as a non-diabetic.

Make sure you wear warm winter boots that don’t leak.  It’s that simple!  If you have a hard time finding boots that fit your feet, visit us in our Shoe Boutique.  We have lots of styles and sizes for hard-to-fit-feet.

  1. Moisturize often and use a humidifier

Cold weather tends to dry out our skin more than in the warmer weather.  This has a lot to do with having the heat on in our homes and workplaces.

You can help keep some humidity in the air at home by using a humidifier.

Also, make sure you are moisturizing your skin daily – and don’t forget your feet!  Most people moisturize their faces, hands, arms, and legs, but make sure you pay particular attention to your feet.

Try to moisturize right after you have a shower, and if your feet are still getting dry, use a heavy moisturizer, oil, or even petroleum jelly right before bed.  Just rub in your moisturizer and put on cotton socks to protect your bedding.

If you are still having a problem with corns, calluses, or dry, cracking heels, book an appointment with a chiropodist/podiatrist.  We can help!

  1. Inspect nails and keep them trimmed properly

Keeping your toenails properly trimmed is important for preventing ingrown toenails, especially when your toes are confined in closed-toed shoes and boots.  If your nails are thick and hard to cut, a chiropodist can help with your toenail care.  At Step by Step, we offer medical pedicures to help you keep your nails and feet in top condition.

You should also remember to check your nails for fungal infections.  These can pop up at any time of year, but in the winter, when you’re always stuffing our toes into socks, closed shoes, and boots, it’s easy for these infections to sneak up on you unnoticed.

If you see a problem developing and treat it early, it may be easier to deal with.  If you’ve tried over-the-counter treatments and they haven’t worked, see a chiropodist/podiatrist.  At Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care, we have treatment options ranging from topical solutions to painless fungal laser treatments.  We even have anti-fungal nail polish!

Follow these tips for foot care and toenail care this winter to keep your feet and toenails healthy, soft, and ready for Spring.  If you need help resolving any problems, don’t just continue to suffer; make an appointment with a chiropodist/podiatrist.

Better yet, come visit us at Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care for a relaxing, luxurious medically safe pedicure and dream of the warmer weather to come!