• Foot Pain Management

    Pain in the ball or arch of your foot, toes, or in your heel can really wreck your day! Learn more.

  • Walking Problems

    Balance and blah blah, need a better synopsis here. Could use some help. Let us help!

  • Circulation Problems

    Need a quick summary here to cover circulation issues. One or two sentences. Link to circulation page.

  • Flat / High Arches

    When your arches are too high, or too low, your gait is affected and can result in pain in your legs, feet, and back. Thankfully, we have solutions for high / flat feet.

  • Peripheral Neuropathy Management

    Weakness, numbness and/or prolonged pain in your feet caused by nerve damage can be effectively treated – and you can bet we have the solutions!

  • Nail Care

    Fungal nails, athlete’s foot, ingrown nails – we have specialized treatments for most nail conditions.

  • Skin Conditions

    Calluses, warts, and corns don’t stand a chance against our treatments.

  • Diabetic Care

    Quality foot care is essential for people with diabetes. Learn how we help maintain quality of life.

A Taste Of What We Do


Custom-made orthotics crafted with the latest technology. Learn more.


Check out our selection of orthopedic-friendly shoes in our Shoe Boutique.


Custom-made super lightweight braces for drop foot, post-op patients, and other joint stability issues.

Compression Socks

Swollen, tired, achy legs, calf cramps, will be just a memory with fitted compression socks.

Award Winning Care

We are pleased – and honoured – to be the recipients of multiple awards for our high level of patient care.

2015 Readers' Choice Diamond Award
Top Chiropody Clinics in Toronto

A Toronto, ON Chiropodist winner of the Patients’ Choice Awards. Verified by Opencare.com

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Step By Step
Professional Family Foot Care

We at Step by Step are dedicated to improving your quality of life within our professional designation. While committed to a relationship of caring & compassion, we are determined to help, and we love what we do.

We are celebrating our 18th anniversary at our convenient downtown location at 27 Queen Street East on the main floor right across from St. Michael’s Hospital.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting your needs on your way to healthier feet.

More About Us


A Chiropodist is a Canadian educated Foot Specialist. The practice of Chiropody involves the assessment of the foot and the treatment and prevention of disease or disorders of the foot by Therapeutic, Orthotic, Palliative, Educational and Surgical means.

Chiropodists undertake a specialized intensive three year program of study that covers: Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Biomechanics, Pharmacology, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Sports Medicine, Microbiology, Physical Therapy, Pediatrics, Orthotics, Medicine and Surgery. Chiropodists can be recognized by the initials D. Ch. after their name.

Whatever problems arise with respect to your feet, be it pain, discomfort or appearance, a Chiropodist will be able to provide a specific management plan for your particular problem.

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