DPNCheckFirst, with our initial consult and exam using our NeuroMetrix DPN device we can assess the velocity/amplitude of the nerve function which gives us a printed read out to help set protocols for each patient and their plan of care. This helps us detect the earliest signs and stages of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy which is the start to provide relief of the symptoms.


What is NC- stat DPNCheck test?

The NC-stat DpnCheck is an electronic nerve test which delivers a mild electrical pulse at your ankle and measures nerve signals in your leg. The test takes less than a minute and does not involve needles.

Is the test painful?

During the test you will feel approximately 10-15 mild stimulations at your ankle. Most patients say it’s not painful. The clinician will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed prior to the test.

Is the NC-stat DPNCheck as comprehensive as previous ways that my feet have been examined?

The NC-stat DpnCheck test gives your Doctor an accurate and detailed assessment of your nerve health which has been difficult to obtain with prior testing methods. This test adds to your doctor’s ability to assess your nerve health.

How soon will the doctor see results?

The doctor will review the results with you during your visit today.

What does the NC-stat DpnCheck tell the doctor?

The NC-stat DpnCheck will help your doctor determine if diabetes is damaging your nerves.

Why is it important for the doctor to examine my nerves?

The nerves in your legs and feet are often damaged as a result of diabetes. It is essential to catch any problems early to help avoid complications such as foot ulcers.

Do I need to have an NC-stat DpnCheck?

Your doctor recommends that you have this test today.

What will I be given after the test?

After the doctor reviews your test results, you will be given two numbers that help quantify your nerve health. Your doctor will explain what these results mean and make any necessary recommendations. Similar to your blood pressure or A1C levels, you and your doctor may monitor these numbers year to year to identify changes in your nerve health. If you would like to learn more, please read the patient brochure or visit www.dpncheck.com.

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Available Treatment

FREMS is a biophysical Treatment dedicated to NEUROVASCULAR REAHABILITATION of leg complications and chronic wounds.