There is gradual development during the growth of your child from rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and standing up with support, baby step to finally walking and running.

Each stage of progression is dependant upon the development of the musculoskeletal system. The bone in the foot starts off as cartilage (soft bone) then develops into hard bony structures. The architecture and strength of the developing bone is directly related to the forces the bone experiences.

This is why it is very important to provide proper foot protection during the growth phase. This will ensure optimum biomechanical function for your child’s future.

Children are sometimes bothered with foot problems that are fairly common and respond to treatment quite well.

Common Conditions

  • In toeing/pigeon toed: toes point inward while walking/running.
  • Out toeing: toes point outward while walking/running.
  • Flat feet: low arches.
  • Ingrown nail: the nail edge cause pain along nail grove may even penetrate through the skin and lead to infection and severe pain.
  • Warts: viral infection on the skin.
  • Athletes foot: red colored rash that is itchy on the feet and or between the toes.

pediatricsOther conditions are possible and may have symptoms like: muscle cramps, bruising, persistent pain and swelling, presence of infection and abnormal growths of the skin.

These conditions are more easily corrected if the child is seen prior to adulthood.

Contrary to popular belief these conditions will not always disappear without foot care.

You can count on us to provide professional quality foot care for your child and every member of your family.