FREMSFREMS is a biophysical Treatment dedicated to NEUROVASCULAR REAHABILITATION of leg complications and chronic wounds.

The science of FREMS is the application of a consecutive series of treatments to stimulate the nerves into regenerating thereby improving blood flow and nerve function. FREMS consist of the application of an electrical signal that is transmitted through transcutaneous electrodes. These dedicated and specific FREMS electrodes are positioned according to defined protocols for every specific treatment. FREMS is Health Canada and FDA Approved.

At our clinic we see an increase of diabetic patents every year, our goal is to help manage and educate our patients regarding foot care and now relief from peripheral neuropathy symptoms. FREMS is comfortable and painless given in 10 sessions over a period of three weeks. We will be happy to share any information, with the patients consent to their primary health care provider. Treatments are covered by most extended health care plans.