Exercise For Everybody

WaveIt’s called the WAVE, and it’s one of the most user-friendly and time-efficiant fitness tools to ever hit the market.
In fact, only 15 minutes on the WAVE platform can produce results that would take and hour in the gym.

Gain With No Pain

No matter what your age or activity level, the WAVE provides a low impact method to achieve wellness and fitness goals.
Reducing the possibility of injury and soreness commonly associated with lifting free weights or traditional exercise equipment!

How It Works

By exploiting the body’s innate reflexive response to minor disruptions in stability, the WAVE naturally stimulates enhancements in muscle strength and performance.
Just as the leg kicks forward involuntarily when the doctor strikes our lower knee to test reflexes, the body’s muscles also engage in and involuntary reflexive contraction in response to each subtle vibration of the WAVE platform. In fact, your muscles can contract up to 50 times per second while on the WAVE. Imagine doing that many reps in one second in the gym!
Backed by over 40 years of clinical research, our underlying technology has been shown to produce multiple user benefits, including improved bone density, circulation and joint flexibility.
It’s also one of the only exercises that will actually recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers, improving an athletes explosive strength!