Custom Made Orthotics

Foot orthoses (also known as “orthotics”) are custom foot supports. They are designed to fit your feet more efficiently than over the counter (OTC) arch supports and correct any biomechanical imbalances between your feet and legs.

Custom orthotic foot braces are corrective devices made to assist a foot that fails biomechanically, to function normally. The orthotics are made to control abnormal foot function, re-establish proper weight distribution and improve overall biomechanics. 





How Can Step By Step Help?


First, our Chiropodist will complete a thorough static and dynamic examination, known as a clinical bio-mechanical evaluation. During this process we assess your condition and its cause; take a medical history and evaluate your walking pattern. The examination must take into consideration factors such as your age, physical condition, work, activities, even the shoes you normally wear. This determines the amount of correction necessary. Your orthotic is derived from this platform with the corrections necessary to address your specific situation. Any orthotic dispensed without a complete bio-mechanical evaluation and neutral, non-weight bearing plaster cast, is not custom.

Next, your orthotics management plan is created specifically for you based on the examination results. Our Chiropodist will make actual 3D casts or impressions of your feet held in their neutral or correct position.

These casts, along with our Chiropodist’s clinical evaluation, go to an orthotics laboratory. There, professional technicians hand craft your orthotics from high impact materials, adding necessary corrections as prescribed. Your orthotics come back to your foot care specialist ready for your personal fitting.

There may be a gradual break-in period, but once you get used to them, your feet and body will be biomechanically aligned and optimized. You won’t want to walk without them again!

Book an appointment and see what the best option for relief for you is.