Diabetic footcare & assessment

See us for relief for your diabetic feet problems with ongoing treatment programs and therapy.

People with diabetes are prone to foot problems often caused by nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor blood circulation.

  • Neuropathy is the loss of feeling in your feet so you may not detect any pain, injury or discomfort.
    • Poor circulation in your feet compromises your ability to heal, making even the smallest cut prone to infection or ulcer

What we will do for you
At Step By Step, we will take the time to educate you on your situation and necessary preventative measures that are needed to achieve the best possible success. We provide essential treatments and follow-up support for diabetic foot problems, including:

  • Numbness (parasthesia)• Poor circulation, Nail Care• Foot ulcerations• Infections

Canadian diabetic guidelines recommend at least one foot exam by a licensed Chiropodist annually, even if there are no apparent foot problems.

Book an appointment and see what is the best option for relief for you.