Four Ways to Stay Healthy After a Sports Injury

Four Ways to Stay Healthy After a Sports Injury

The worst part of playing sports for some people is losing, but these people have probably never had a sports injury. Injuries that are obtained during sports can be painful and exhausting and can begin a decline into poor health. They can also signal the end of the sport for that player. While you may still be recuperating from your sports injury, there are several things that you can do to ensure you stay healthy even though the injury may reduce your mobility.


Avoid Inflammation Causing Foods

Even foods that you may think are healthy might be hurting you after your sports injury. According to Dr. Edward Group of the global healing center, health foods can cause inflammation. These foods include rice, yogurt, citrus and tomatoes. While you have been chowing down on your favorite oranges because you thought they were helping, they may cause you more suffering at the site of your injury because of their inflammatory properties. You don’t have to lay off these foods completely while your injury is healing, but consider avoiding them.

Keep Exercise Light and Listen to Your Body

It is important that you get back on your feet as soon as possible after you have suffered a sports injury. Exercising will allow your body to begin rebuilding what you had before the injury. While you should always to listen to your body when you are exercising, and stop if you feel pain in or around the site of your sports injury, The New York Times published information on a study that shows exercise after injury can help you heal and get back to where you were. When you get up and around to working out, notify your doctor or physical therapist and follow his or her advice for a safe routine.

Remember to RICE

The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society want you to know that RICE is what you need after a sports injury. No, don’t go out and eat six bowls of white rice right now, because that could cause more inflammation and potential damage to an existing injury. RICE is an acronym for what you do want to do to heal after an injury: Rest, use Ice, Compress and keep Elevated.

Focus on Non-Injured Areas

This should go without saying, but be sure that you focus your exercise attention on areas on your body that have not been injured. If you have hurt your legs, make every day arm day. You may get tired of using your arms constantly, but it will take the strain off your injured leg. You may also consider putting more weight on one limb instead of the other, which can easily be evened out once the injured limb has healed. By focusing on areas of the body that are not injured, lets you know that you can keep working out after your injury.

Many people can recognize that it is important to have the right shoes while they are exercising, but what they may not know is it is equally important to have the right shoes after a sports injury. Step by Step Foot Care will teach you all about the right shoes to wear to help you get back on your feet after an injury.